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001 Dielectric constants are given at a specific temperature. If the temperature differs from the above then the dielectric constant is also different. The list can be found in the document Dielectric constants which is given by the English chemical names of materials.
002     You often ask about the power of cooling air conditioners. British thermal unit (BTU) is the amount of heat needed to heat one pound of water from 60F to 61F at a constant pressure of one atmosphere.
BTU=0.000293 KWh


If you want more you can use program Convert V4.10 which is under GNU license. You can check for newer program version on the


003 European directives and standards are the basis for modern business. Here is a basic document in its original form which refers to the known temperature sensors
Guidelines for calibration of temperature indicators according to EU directives


Emissivity table of various materials (used in non-contact thermometers)

Values ​​table for temperature probes


Thermocouple B-type Platinum-30%Rhodium(+) Platinum-6%Rhodium(-)

Thermocouple E-type Nickel-Chromium(+) Copper-Nickel(-)

Thermocouple J-type Iron(+) Copper-Nickel(-)

Thermocouple K-type Nickel-Chromium(+) Nickel-Aluminium(-)

Thermocouple N-type Nickel-14,2%Chromium-1,4%Silicon(+) Nickel-4,4%Silicon0,1% Magnesium(-)

Thermocouple R-type Platinum-13%Rhodium(+) Platinum(-)

Thermocouple S-type Platinum-10%Rhodium(+) Platinum(-)

Thermocouple T-type Copper(+) Copper-Nickel(-)


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